Will Woods, Fedora Testing Guy (qa_rockstar) wrote,
Will Woods, Fedora Testing Guy

Frozen for Fedora 8. Brace for impact!

Hoorj. So, yeah, we are definitely frozen for F8. Now comes the time when I spend every day staring at the blocker list and poking the bugs there (and the people responsible for them) and trying to make them die. The bugs, not the people.

All in all - and I realize that I'm jinxing it by saying this - the Fedora 8 release process has been much easier than F7, and I think F8 will be a good bit more stable out of the gate than its predecessor.

There's a bunch of lingering problems around the switchover to NM 0.7, but Dan Williams assures us that everything will be awesome by release time. Hopefully this will mean we can start work for making NetworkManager the default for F9.

PulseAudio is still cool, and the KDE guys have quickly whipped up a method for using PulseAudio as the backend for artsd. Things will be saner when KDE4 rolls around - it separates the sound server (like esound, pulseaudio, etc) from the file decoders (like gstreamer). For now, this should work. KDE users, please please please test that out and test it well.

I've got some things to say about Live Upgrades and Automated Testing and other stuff that's kicking around the back of my head, but.. right now I need to poke more bugs.

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